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Here we have upload some immages of our best works

immagine the production fase is preceded from an accurated planning fase
in which:
- we select only the most suitable material
- the electrical project is realized
- we study all the position of every component.
immagine we manufacture a CE certified low voltage cabinet
(in the image on the side)
general switch 1250A directly mounted on a bar system 185mm,
on which are installed users with high power and protection from 250A of further bar system 60mm
immagine All the departures, lines and motors are been realesed on bar system.
the relative starting motors of
power >= 7,5kW are realesed with modules
immagine Pc based automation
From years 2000 we have developed and continue to evolve our solution for blow molding sector, of which:
- ours application Windows. NET
   it allows the operator interface.
- an application C / C ++ in real time
   to provide the functionality for
   the movimentation of hydraulic axles.
- an application C / C ++ in real time
    to provide the functionality
    for the parison management.
- a PLC software manage, the logic,
    the movimentation and the parison.
immagine We use PLC of most important international productors,
with distributed I/O System
and teleservice with VPN connection.